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Doing our Part for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Here at SUNSET®, we do our best to treat our bodies well and we know that eating fresh, healthy produce is a great way to start. In alignment with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’re outlining some important facts, preventative methods, and sharing what we’re doing as a company to help the fight against breast cancer.

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by SUNSET | February 2017

Trust us on this- you do not want to go to a restaurant on Valentine’s Day. The crowds, affectionate strangers and overpriced prix fixe menus are enough reason to stay home and create a romantic evening for two. Want to make it fancy for your S.O. without all the effort? That’s where we come in. We’ve done the thinking for you and designed this perfect (and easy!) Valentine’s Day menu that even the most amateur cook can whip up. So grab some bubbly and check out our date night menu that covers all the bases - appetizer, main course, dessert and something to wash it all down with. You can thank us later.

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by SUNSET | January 2017

Football season is coming to an end, so why not go the distance this year and host a bash that your guests will be cheering about until next season. Whether you’ve just jumped on the football bandwagon during playoffs or you’ve been watching since the beginning of the season, treat your friends to a game day party menu of hearty snacks, appetizers and drinks while you celebrate the big game on February 5th. Luckily, we’ve taken care of the planning for you and rounded up our favorite game day recipes.

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by SUNSET | October 2016

Looking for an easy, healthy snack for your trick-or-treaters? These Zima tomato, grape and cheese skewers will delight even the spookiest of guests, and they're super simple for your kids to make and join in on the fun. Try 'em out and share with us your favorite spooky snacks this Halloween!

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by Daniela Ferro | August 2016

Sure, we still have a few weeks before fall officially arrives, but I’m already daydreaming about future summer vacations. Since my travel bucket list is long, I’ve prioritized my trips according to several criteria (food is a big factor, no surprise there!) and at the very tip top of that list sits…. Spain.

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by Justine Chevalier | February 2016

Chances are you, your significant other, your parents, and at least half of your friends are looking for somewhere to watch the big game this Sunday. Before you look into which pubs have the biggest televisions, why not host your own party? You really don’t need to be a huge football buff throw a wicked party that people will enjoy just as much as the game. Here are few tips to make sure your party is as entertaining and crowd pleasing as the game itself.

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