10 Reasons to Love Juicing


Juicing is all the rage. With juice bars spreading across the country like wildfire, it's so easy to have your favorite health concoction for breakfast, an afternoon pick-me-up or a post-workout recovery drink. There is a juice for virtually any ailment. Feeling sluggish? Hungover? Maye a little bloated? No problem, there is a perfect juice for you. Because of the numerous benefits, juice is easy to love and incorporate in your daily life.

Reasons to Love It:

  1. Hydrating
    Many fruits and vegetables like cucumbers are naturally packed with water. Adding them to your juice is an easy way to boost your daily water intake. Plus, it's a great afternoon pick-me-up when you're hitting that wall around 2:30...
  2. Alkalizing
    Much of what we drink is highly acidic (soda, coffee, tea, alcohol). An acidic environment is said to have a negative impact on your body. Juice promotes an alkaline environment which helps with energy, immunity, and reduced inflammation.
  3. Easily digested
    Because juicing removes the fiber in the fruits and veggies, the body absorbs nutrients much faster using less digestive energy.
  4. Concentrated nutrients
    Juicing breaks down the nutrients’ cell walls, turning a large amount of produce into a nutrient-packed cup of juice.
  5. Versatile
    What fruits and vegetables do you have in your refrigerator right now? Chances are you can combine them to make a tasty concoction. Don’t be afraid to add herbs and spices for an extra kick of flavor!
  6. No added sugars
    The sugar in fruit and vegetables is 100% natural making it a great alternative to sugary drinks. Try juicing with your kids to encourage them to drink their own liquid masterpiece rather than a sugar-based juice.
  7. It's a cinch!
    If you have a juicer, great! Due to my lack of space at home, I juice without a juicer. Here’s how
  8. Portable
    It is easy to store juice in a sealed container and take it to work, school, or running errands. Because fresh juice is not pasteurized, make sure to keep it refrigerated and drink within 1 day.
  9. Flavorful
    At SUNSET® we are all about flavor. By using fresh ingredients, juice is a great way to enhance natural flavors. Not to mention they make a great mixer right around happy hour. (no sugary margarita for me, bartender!
  10. Energizing
    With so many vitamins and nutrients, you'll feel rejuvenated and energized to take on the day!

Try my favorite juice this January. It is hydrating, green, and the perfect balance of sweetness.

Sweet Cucumber Juice


½ English cucumber, skin on

½ green apple

¼ honeydew melon

Optional: 1 pinch of salt for added electrolytes


  1. Wash the apple, cucumber, and melon.
  2. Cut off the skin of the honeydew and chop all of the ingredients into large pieces.
  3. Juice into your favorite glass and stir.

This will give you the perfect single serving of green nutrients. Sharing the health? Simply double the recipe for each additional serving.

Want more juice? We got you covered.

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