8 Reasons to Do Breakfast in Bed this Valentine's Day


We're thinking outside the box (of chocolates) this Valentine's Day and encouraging you to stay. in. bed. It won't take much to impress your S.O. with a scrumptious wake up call. In fact, there are so many reasons why breakfast in bed is the ultimate gift this V-Day- or any day, really.  


Our Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Spoil Your S.O. with Breakfast in Bed

  1. It’s budget-friendly A romantic breakfast can be indulgent and romantic without breaking the bank
  2. Avoid the dinner reservation nightmare  No fixed price menus, no crowded restaurants or last minute reservations. Just you and your sweetie, curled up in bed
  3. It's on Sunday With V-Day landing on the given day of rest and relaxation, there’s no excuse not to spend a couple extra hours in bed
  4. Get thoughtful and creative Score MAJOR points for thoughtfulness by incorporating your honey's favorite foods, drinks and even music 
  5. It starts your day (and week!) right Even, nay, especially if you choose to spend it in bed. Valentine’s Day can only get better from here...
  6. Bonus snuggle time When you’re ready to put down the forks you can start spooning (hehe!)
  7. Set your own vibe You can put on a rom-com, some relaxing tunes, or even some Barry White if that’s your style ;)
  8. Cash in on those homemade massage coupons What, no one makes those anymore?!


Now that you know what you're doing, you'll need to figure out what you're making. Our fave? This amazingly indulgent french toast, along with a fluffy and flavorful frittata. These celebrity chef recipes are eggs-actly what you need to enjoy a simple and satisfying day with your love. Fork over some lovin'!

Feeling a dinner for two instead? Check out our amazing menu here!

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