A Power Couple to Make Hearts Happy


Tom-Pep or perhaps Pep-Toes?  They might not have a cute nickname but tomatoes and peppers are a heart healthy power couple you’ll fall in love with, again and again.  

To celebrate Heart Health Month, we’re sharing a few facts about how SUNSET® tomatoes and peppers help you maintain a healthy, happy heart. And, because we love you with all our HEART we’ve also selected four of our favorite tomato and pepper recipes that are good for your heart and taste amazing!

Did You Know...

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Flavors for Your <3 

Angel Sweet® tomatoes join Sweet Twister™ peppers in a heavenly bed of eggs, for this dreamy recipe.  Make your sweetie this Angel Sweet® Frittata with Sour and Sweet Twister™ Sauce for a brunch they’ll love.

Full of smoky sweetness these rustic Wood Chipped ONE SWEET® Tomatoes and Peppers are one of our flavor-ite Roger Mooking recipes that always wow a crowd.

What’s red, tasty and filled with flavors that will warm your heart with love?  Our Mediterranean Stuffed Sweet Twisters™ of course!

Want to make the sparks fly? Fire up the grill for this delicious Grilled Naan. The sweet and juicy flavors of this recipe will have you feeling the love from your head to your toes. 

SUNSET® tomatoes and peppers are the dynamic duo to keep your heart healthy and your taste buds happy. Give these recipes a try and let us know how they turned out for you!


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