Celebrate Movember with 4 Healthy Dishes Any Man Can Make

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In 2014, our Kumato tomato was named one of the best foods for men by Men’s Health magazine and our support of the Movember Foundation began. Four years and $80,000 in donations later, we’re still going strong…or should we say growing strong as this year, four of our employees have agreed to share their “mo-growing” progress at sunsetgrown.com/movember.

Movember Week 2

Just as the Movember Foundation is all about increasing awareness about important men’s health issues, at SUNSET, we’re just as passionate about growing products that enable men (and women and children) to live healthier lives. Packed with Vitamin A and lycopene as well as a bold, almost smoky flavor, our Kumato tomatoes are great for guys of all culinary skill levels to cook with. To prove it, we’ve rounded up four of our favorite “man-approved” recipes that will help any man to step up his game in the kitchen and enjoy a more flavorful Movember, or December, or July for that matter.

Kumato® Omelet


Ah, breakfast. The most important meal of the day. Unfortunately for most guys, it’s often the most neglected meal of the day, too. An energy bar, a bowl of cereal or a shake are fine every once and a while but to get your day off to the healthiest, most satisfying start possible, every guy needs to be able to make an omelet. Top that omelet with sliced Kumato tomatoes and you’ll walk out the door feeling great and ready to take on anything.

Kumato® Cobb Salad


Think a salad alone can’t satisfy a man’s appetite? “Lettuce” introduce you to the Kumato Cobb Salad that’s easy to prepare at home on a Sunday afternoon and pack for 2-3 lunches for the week ahead. Featuring thick slices of turkey, avocado, a hardboiled egg, two slices of turkey bacon and of course, chopped Kumato tomatoes – this salad is sure to attract the envy of your co-workers while helping you fend off the afternoon munchies. The turkey and egg deliver a powerful 1-2 protein punch, the avocado gives you the healthy fats you need to maintain a good cholesterol rating while the lettuce and chopped tomatoes fill you up right. Substituting turkey bacon for regular bacon delivers the crunch and salt you love with fewer calories.

Brined Pork Chop with Fresh Relish


There’s no harm in having a few go-to recipes that you fall back on whenever you’re entertaining friends or that special someone, but every guy needs to expand his comfort zone from time to time. That means acquainting yourself with new ingredients or new techniques like say, brining.  Brining may sound complicated but it’s just a fancy word for marinating meat in a bigger container. With a little extra effort and proper planning (Chef Roger Mooking recommends a 24-hour brining time) you CAN do this, brother, and the results will make you as happy as your guests are impressed. 

Kumato® Pico De Gallo


All right, we’ve covered breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Now let’s talk about that jar of salsa you’ve been bringing to your buddy’s house on game day. Come on, man. You’re better than that. More importantly, your friends deserve better than that. In less time than it takes for you to select the perfect fantasy football lineup, you can prepare a fresh salsa that tastes as good as it looks.

There you have it—four easy ways to turn one of the healthiest foods for men into four amazing dishes that everyone will love. We hope this post inspires you to try something different the next time in the kitchen. More importantly, we hope our support of the Movember Foundation mo’-tivates you to take better care of yourself, visit your doctor if it’s been a while, and talk to your buddies about the things you’re doing to be healthier as well as the reasons why you’re doing them.

To help you start what can be a difficult conversation, we’ve posted some attention-grabbing facts about men’s health on our Movember page. Better yet, our social media fans and consumers have posted photos of men who inspire them as well as hilarious selfies with the peel off moustache labels you’ll find on specially marked packages of our Kumato tomatoes all Movember long. Because while increasing awareness about diseases like prostate cancer and testicular cancer is serious business, so is the need to have fun in the process. Happy Movember, everyone!

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