Cool Weather and Warm Dishes - We're Ready for You Fall!


With temperatures and leaves dropping, it’s time to serve up a flavor-filled helping of warm and cozy fall recipes!  From savory soups to time-saving one-pot meals, our favorite fall recipes  are easy to make and even easier to enjoy!

First up is a fall classic, our Angel Sweet® Chili!  Packed with flavor (and lots of tomatoes), chili is a hearty meal that can be made as a one-pot slow cooker meal, or prepared easily at the end of a busy day.  #Protip – top with fresh green onions and serve with scrumptious garlic bread on the side!


There is no better way to warm up from a cool day than a big bowl of hot, homemade soup. A batch of Quick Flavor Bombs® Ramen is hearty, flavorful and quick to make! Even better – it makes four servings so you can quickly heat up another bowl the next time you feel that autumn chill.


Are you looking for a satisfying #MeatlessMonday meal that is also full of fall comfort?  We have the answer!  Our Vegetarian Kumato® and Eggplant Lasagna is packed with so many fresh veggies and loads of flavor, you won’t even miss the meat. 


From side dish to main dish the flavors of our Minzano® Stewed Broad Beans can do it all!  As an added bonus, they can easily be made in one pot, with less mess and complete meal perfection!


Now grab your boots, throw on your sweaters and head to the grocery store for all the ingredients you need to enjoy these fall flavor-ites!

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