Easy DIY Cucumber and Avocado Face Mask


The winter and I are not friends. It’s the time of year where no amount of moisturizer seems to help my dry skin. But I’m also growing increasingly conscious of the ingredients found in some beauty products and get a little weary about applying products that are packed with chemicals. So, this winter I decided to make a hydrating face mask at home that would not only consist of all-natural ingredients, but would really hydrate and soften my skin. With a little research, I discovered that fresh produce works wonders when applied topically. Check out this amazing DIY hydrating face mask and how these key ingredients can be beneficial to your health and beauty.

CucumberCucumbers consist of 95% water, making it the ultimate ingredient for hydration. They also contain skin softening enzymes and work well as an anti-inflammatory, hence the reason why cuke slices are placed on puffy eyes. The cooling properties and calming scent give the sense of instant revitalization, which you know we all need.

Avocado – The oil from avocado dissolves dirt from clogged pores, firms skin, and works as an incredible moisturizer. The alkalizing components help balance pH levels which can give the appearance of younger looking skin and the fatty acids help prevent wrinkling. To top it off, avocado is high in vitamin E, leaving you with a radiant glow.

Mint – Not only does it smell great, but the oil from mint also works as a natural astringent. This is great for combating acne. The high level of salicylic acid also prevents pores from clogging and helps loosen dead skin cells, and the vitamin A found in mint can help strengthen skin.

Lemon – Lemon juice may help prevent wrinkles and lighten dark spots. The citric acid works to gently remove the top layer of dead skin cells – the cause of itchy, dry skin.

Egg White – Egg whites work wonders for tightening your skin. In fact, your face will tighten immediately after you rinse off your mask, and continue feeling tight for about an hour after. Think of it as a natural mini facelift.


DIY Cucumber and Avocado Face Mask


1 English cucumber, peeled

1 avocado, pitted and chopped

5 fresh mint leaves

Juice from 1/8 of a lemon

1 egg, white only


Blend all ingredients together in a food processor until smooth. Apply generously to clean face and let sit for 20 minutes. That’s right. Lay down, close your eyes, and relax for 20 minutes. Wipe clean with a warm wash cloth. Don’t forget to hydrate from the inside out with a glass of spa water, too.

*Warning – May cause redness or irritation to the skin. Apply a small amount on skin to test first before applying entire mask.

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