Eatin’ O the Green | Our Top Picks for a Flavorful St. Paddy’s Day!


Everyone wants to be Irish today. Why wouldn’t you want to be? The music, traditions and food are enough to make anyone Irish for a day.

Have you ever wondered… how did a holiday about a Saint turn into a day to drink green beer and eat green food? This day celebrates the heritage and culture of the Irish. Celebrations of the past involved parades, festivals and wearing shamrocks. In many churches, drinking alcohol was not permitted and fasting was common practice. But on St. Patrick’s Day, the restrictions on eating and drinking alcohol were lifted just for the day. Over the years this stuck, and encouraged the holiday’s tradition we know now of drinking and eating to celebrate St. Patrick.

If you’re hosting your own St. Paddy’s Day get together, you’re going to need some green eats to feed your hungry Irish-for-a-day guests. And you’re in luck! Here are a few easy to make ahead crowd pleasers to serve up. 

The ultimate green food… guacamole! This Campari® guac is the perfect snack. With only three steps to make, it’s one of the easiest appetizers ever that’s sure to have your guests scraping the bottom of the bowl looking for that last yummy bite. Chips and a homemade dip, you can never go wrong on ANY holiday but especially on St. Patrick’s Day!

Being a good host means having lots of options available. This minty mini cucumber water will keep everyone hydrated. There’s only three ingredients… well, four if you include the water. You can make a big pitcher, leave it out and guests can help themselves. Best of all, the cucumber-filled pitcher does double duty as a beautiful St. Patrick’s Day centerpiece!


Sushi is such a popular food item. And there’s more ways to make sushi beyond rice and fish. These cucumber wrapped veggie sushi rolls are easy to make, delicious, and pretty healthy! Shh… don’t tell your party guests they’re eating healthy food. Just let them enjoy your creativity!

We hope these ideas inspire you to make SUNSET® part of your St. Patrick’s Day celebration and we invite you to share your photos with us #sunsetgrown. Sending you good lucky vibes today and every day!

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