First Day Breakfast Ideas to Start the School Year Right!


One of our favorite things about the first day of school is chatting with your kiddos over breakfast and sharing the exciting things this year will bring…that is if you can convince them to get out of bed and join you for breakfast!  But we have a few tips to help get those feet on the floor (and out the door) because nothing gets people moving faster than the smell of breakfast cooking.

We’ve collected some of our favorite quick, easy, and tasty breakfast recipes that will strike out the standard cold bowl of cereal and send your kids off to a home-run school day.

Bell Pepper Scrambled Eggs

 Make your breakfast plan easy by adding a twist to classic scrambled eggs. Peppers are the perfect teammate for eggs and provide an extra dose of nutrients, like antioxidants that keep minds and bodies sharp and healthy. #Momhack – dice your peppers ahead of time and store in individual containers for an even faster breakfast!


Mini Egg Muffins by Girl on Bloor

Breakfast on the go is an easy way to give you and your kids a healthy start to the day!  We love the easy recipe that Girl on Bloor has created, with only 5 ingredients (hint, add lots of tomatoes). As an added bonus, these little muffins will last in the refrigerator for 5 days…perfect for the school week!


Photography and recipe by Girl on Bloor

Angel Sweet® Frittata

If you have too much going on in the morning to whip up a breakfast dish, give our Angel Sweet® Frittata a try. Prepare it on Sunday and grab a slice for breakfast all week long!



Breakfast Stuffed Peppers by The Recipe Rebel

Looking for a fun way to enjoy your breakfast favorites? This tasty breakfast from The Recipe Rebel is the perfect solution for a delicious breakfast with egg, cheese and of course lots of veggies!  You can even customize the filling of each pepper for different family members, just add in different ingredients for each person! Photography and recipe by The Recipe Rebel 

Rise and Shine Wrap

We love the ease of these flavorful Rise and Shine Wraps!  You can prepare them in the morning and hand them to the kids as you jump in the car or head to the bus stop. This is an easy, grab-and-go breakfast that is sure to become part of your regular school day game-plan.


We hope these recipes help you wake everyone up on the right side of the bed and get the school year started off on the right foot. Do you have any quick and tasty breakfast recipes or tricks to make the morning routine easier? Share them with us in the comments!

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