Get Planning! Effortless Snack Ideas for a Busy School Year

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The new school year is approaching fast, and along with it comes all the after school activities. We know how hard the midweek rush can be, and while we haven’t yet figured out a way for you clone yourself, we have rounded up snacking tips, tricks, and inspiration to help you get everyone refueled quickly.

Whether your kids are headed to band, soccer, or play practice- these snacks will satisfy even the youngest flavor lover. And the best news yet- these tips are designed to require the least amount of effort from you! 

Pre-cut Your Veggies and Have a Designated Snack Drawer

Getting everyone where they need to be is hard enough. Trying to make sure everyone has a healthy snack can seem impossible. Eliminate some stress by taking a few extra minutes on Sunday night to put together a week’s worth of simple snack bags full of fresh-cut fruits and veggies. Storing them in a designated fridge snack drawer makes it easy for everyone to grab-and-go during the week.

Pro-tip: Add single serve cups of hummus or guacamole to give them extra protein and good fats!

Effortless Snack Ideas

Photo courtesy of Physical Kitchness

Snack Boxes

If there is no time to go home between activities, snack boxes are a simple thing for kids to fill themselves the night before and pack in their practice bag. A designated fridge and pantry drawer full of pre-approved healthy snacks makes it easy for kids to know what they can pack and often leads to less waste because they get to choose what they like. Win-win! We recommend having them choose one item from each of the following categories: fruits, veggies, proteins (peanut butter, guacamole, or nut mix), and carbs (whole grain crackers, granola bar, or veggie chips).



Freeze Healthy DIY Popsicles

Let’s face it, everyone is usually “hangry” and hot after practice too. Store bought popsicles can be full of extra sugar and dye that will ultimately have your kid crashing midway through their homework . Making your own healthy and hydrating pops at home is super easy. Plus your freezer does most of the work for you! Simply freeze coconut water with your kids’ favorite fruits, and you’ll have a treat that they won’t even suspect is good for them.

Pro-tip: Add in cucumber for even more hydration!


We hope that these snacking tips and tricks can help make snack time easier and mouths a little less hangry because we know the school year can be tough on those in charge of keeping mouths fed and commuted to their next round of activities.

Do you have an effortless after school snack or tip you’d like to share? Tell us about it in the comments section!

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