How to Host a Winning Game Day Party


Chances are you, your significant other, your parents, and at least half of your friends are looking for somewhere to watch the big game this Sunday. Before you look into which pubs have the biggest televisions, why not host your own party? You really don’t need to be a huge football buff throw a wicked party that people will enjoy just as much as the game. Here are few tips to make sure your party is as entertaining and crowd pleasing as the game itself.

  1. Invite your guests in advance – Sounds like common sense but like I said, everyone is looking for somewhere to watch the game. So make sure you invite your guests in advance to ensure a good turnout and to make sure you can plan accordingly.
  2. Food, food, and more food – Perhaps the most important part of a football party, besides the actual game. The Super Bowl is one of the biggest events for food consumption and trust me, your guests will expect to indulge regardless of where the party is held. Stick with some classics that you can prepare ahead of time, like chili and pulled pork, but also provide a mixture of finger foods that guests can munch on throughout the entire game. Check out our SUNSET® favorites for football inspired appetizers.
  3. Pump up the volume – This is going to be a loud party, whether you want it to be or not. Make sure your sound system is set up to deliver the best sound experience you can. This will ensure that no play goes missed and will get your party in the spirit. If you really want your guests to feel like they’re at the game, give them some fun sound makers like thundersticks and cowbells (of course, at your discretion).
  4. Place your bets– Part of the fun of watching the Super Bowl is placing bets on the game. Having guests bet on a variety of things like the final score, number of fumbles, length of the halftime show, etc. will get your guests into the game and make it a far more interactive experience. Plus, if someone gets to leave the party with a prize AND bragging rights, you can bet they’ll be attending your party again next year.
  5. Support the teams – Make sure you know what teams are competing so you can prepare your décor accordingly. Even something as simple as having plates and cups in the color-scheme of the two teams will amp up the atmosphere. The more themed décor you have, the better in my books.

By following these easy guidelines, your football party is sure to get everyone cheering – even the ones that are there for the commercials. Happy hosting!

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