Kick up Your BLT Game with These 7 Unique and Tasty BLT Sandwiches


Bacon, lettuce, (extra) tomatoes. What more could you want from a sandwich? If you’re like us, BLTs are a regular on the menu, but we’re still asking ourselves “how else can we enjoy this perfectly simple sandwich?” Lucky for us #NationalBLTMonth has given us plenty of inspiration, and lucky for you, we’ve collected our favorite BLT Hacks to share with you here. These tasty recipes will help you break out of the traditional BLT mold and into a whole new world of bacon, lettuce and tomato goodness. 

  • If you’re not ready to go too far from your comfort zone CampariⓇ BLT Cups are a great way to start your new BLT adventures. Crisp refreshing lettuce cups hold a yummy pile of flavorful goodness. They make a great appetizer, or you can add more protein like chicken to make it a meal.


  • An easy but fancy lunch option, these BLT Chicken Salad Stuffed Avocados by The Garlic Diaries will help you make it through any Monday ...or Tuesday...or Wednesday...or lunch on any day that ends in ‘y’ 😉.
  • Hold please. We’re checking our schedule and planning something - anything really - so we have an excuse to make this BLT Dip by Emily Bites. Turning BLT into a dip... genius!
  • Who says pizza night has to include pepperoni? A yummy BLT Pizza like this one from Perpetually Hungry will capture your heart in no time. Perfect to make for Friday night dinner at home.
  • What about when you want the dependability of a classic BLT but also want something a little extra? May we suggest the SUNSETⓇ Grand BLT Sandwich with Tomatoes on the Vine? It will satisfy your craving, plus some!


  • When you get fired up for grilling season but can’t hold back your BLT game, try Created by Diana’s Grilled Romaine BLT. A grilled BLT with no bread and all the grilling flavor. 
  • If you need a one-handed approach to a BLT, then this tasty quesadilla by Macheesmo is the perfect multi-tasking meal. You’ll have a free hand to scroll through more tasty BLT recipes.

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