Make Every Day Earth Day in 3 Easy Steps


Here at SUNSET®, through The Green Grass Project and our packaging program, we are committed to making the environment a better place every day. For instance, in 2014, we introduced our new top seal Eco Flavor Bowls which are made from recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. These are just a couple examples of sustainable changes we are implementing, and we want to also help you make valuable lifestyle choices that will help preserve our plant. You will be surprised at how just a few changes will make a huge difference!

1. Start Small

Nobody’s telling you to be an ECO-maniac (that’s nature humor)! Try to use best practices for Mother Earth whenever you can. If you tend to use disposable paper cups at work, bring a water glass with you to keep at your desk instead of using a new cup every time you go to the water cooler. Do you like bringing treats to the office? Put those delicious morsels in a reusable container. Make a point to start recycling or carpooling to work a few days a week -- you know, the easy stuff. Every little bit helps!
2. Team Up

Picking up trash with a friend is a lot more enjoyable than doing it alone. Get a friend to make a pledge with you, and you can hold each other accountable when one of you tries to put plastic in the garbage can. Seek out local volunteer groups (or start one!) that meet on the weekends to clean up our planet. You will feel great about yourself while truly making a difference to make the world a cleaner place.
3. Celebrate the Lifestyle Instead of the Day

Sure, we love to celebrate our great planet every Earth Day, but why only emphasize sustainable choices just one day a year? This Earth Day, make a pledge to celebrate the world by embracing a newfound green lifestyle. If you start with our few easy steps, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a lean, mean, tree-hugging machine before you know it.

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