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I grew up in a household and in an extended family where seeing men in the kitchen was as common as Shark and Bake by the beach (I'm Trinidadian - it's a thing).  As legend has it, after they got married, my father taught my mother how to cook after her initial attempt at cooking was less than worthy of a Chopped championship.  Every weekend he would show her how to cook a new dish until her repertoire and practice built up her confidence.  Now my mother is a beast in the kitchen. Nowadays it's a point of pride to be able to hold a conversation about the best way to emulsify a hollandaise or make pasta from scratch.  For many men, food has joined the conversation alongside topics like sports, fashion and cars, but it's time to turn that talk into action. So without further ado, I've come up with a few reasons for men to get busy in the kitchen: 

Get some love  

Everyone on earth likes to sit back and relax while their significant other whips up a meal.  You can be that love interest.  Lets face it, everyone loves love and some lovin’.

Save money  

It’s no surprise that cooking at home will save you thousands of dollars a year if you are in the habit of eating out for every meal.  Think of the amount of beach vacations on the Amalfi Coast or Bali you can have in a lifetime just by turning on your oven.

Improve your health  

Food is not only delicious but it also nourishes your body with vital nutrients including vitamins, minerals, proteins and energy.  If you are doing the cooking you can be in control of the quality of the ingredients you cook with.  You can also control the nutritional value and amount of sodium, sugar, and produce that make their way into your meals.  It is well recognized that increasing the amount of vegetables in your daily diet increases the chances of enjoying a longer life span.  After you have improved your love life and saved all that money from the first two tips, you can now enjoy all of those things even more by living longer - win!

Enjoy the flavors you love

When you cook, you control the flavour, and you can enjoy more of the flavours that please your palate.  This may seem obvious but sometimes we take this for granted. Some people pay buckets of their hard earned money to customize their cars, wardrobe and phone settings; so why not pimp your plate too.

Real men make bread

I think everyone should be introduced to the miracles and skill it takes to bake a loaf of bread from scratch.  Kneading, resting and letting a dough rise is a life lesson in patience and the smell of a fresh loaf of bread baking is guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's face.  And who doesn’t love the majestic simplicity of a well made sandwich, made even better by bread built with your own two hands. 

So I challenge all you men out there to make a loaf of bread and make the Chicken & Kumato Tomato Sandwich recipe that I've included with this month’s blog.  

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