Monday to Friday Meal Plan


"What am I gonna do with all this free time?” said no one, ever.

We are either running out of it or there is never enough of it, but time seems to be winning a race that we are forced to play catch up with. People spend too much time trying to figure out what to make for dinner, or running to the store for last minute ingredients. This is the beauty of meal planning and lucky for you, I’m saving you even more time by planning your week for you. I’ve taken some foodie inspiration and made some easy recipes to take you from Monday to Friday.  

Let’s go on a Weekday Workup:

  1. Meatless Monday - I love a Texas Brisket as much as the next carnivore, but my grandmother always taught me moderation, and I do what my grandmother says. These two recipes are so satisfying and flavourful together that you may have Meatless Monday more often than you planned. Recipe: Wild Wonders® Quinoa Salad & Sweet Twister™ Brussels Sprouts 
  2. Taco Tuesday - Tacos have been enjoying a lot of flavour favour and for good reason; it’s all the food you love wrapped in more delicious food.  I like feeding my family from the taco trough because you can clean out the fridge with that half of a cucumber or last bit of tomato and make a whole new meal that everyone will love. If you want to continue with Meatless Monday on a Tuesday you can replace the meat protein in this recipe with cheese or a bean puree. Recipe: Tacos 
  3. Wake Up Wednesday - The middle of the workweek is both frustrating and inspiring because there is still a lot of work to be done…but its almost over.  This is the perfect opportunity for a little pick me up on the table for humpday.  Serve this salmon recipe with a salad to keep it light and invigorating. Recipe: Confit Campari® Salmon 
  4. Thirsty Thursday - Hey, the weekend is looming and who doesn’t need a little drink in their life? Just remember my grandmother’s advice on moderation. Recipe: Cucumber Mojito 
  5. Family Friday - I like to make this recipe in a double batch on Friday so that I can feed my family delicious leftovers on Sunday night as we all gear up for the busy week ahead of us. Recipe: Stewed Tomato Chicken

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