Oscar-Worthy Party Menu

Fried Kumato Tomato Recipe

Ahhh, the glitz and glam of the Academy Awards, or Oscars, are upon us and we couldn’t be more excited.  Sure, the red carpet always delivers a terrific show of celebrities and their clothes, and the actual ceremony is good for at least a couple laughable and/or inspirational speeches.  However, the highlight for me remains the same each year, no matter who is nominated: the watching party menu!

This year’s Oscar-worthy dishes are already award-winning, so they’ll fit right in.  What awards you ask?  Let us present…

Best Actor in a Starring Role…

This dish is ALLLL tomatoes and double delicious as the fried Kumatos® are topped with One Sweet® salsa.  These pair greatly with other apps or as a super side, but deliver a knockout performance as a standalone snack!


Best Actress in a Supporting Role… 

Whether it’s pizza, pasta, chicken or as an alternate topper to the fried brown tomatoes above, this “master sauce” will be the most versatile recipe in your kitchen.  We’re talking Meryl Streep in tomato form!

Best Director… 

No surprise here – Roger Mooking is THE celebrity (chef) of the night as all his culinary creations are winners.  Plus, you can watch him work on your own silver screen via his very helpful, always entertaining recipe video series


All-Star Cast… 

We couldn’t recognize just one performance from this perfectly sharable, incomparably tasty appetizer.  So we created our own award category to highlight the juicy One Sweet® tomatoes, tangy Sweet Twister™ peppers and fresh pineapple atop grilled naan – which receive rave reviews all around!


We hope you have as much fun as we do watching eating during the Oscars and would love to hear about your own award-winning recipes that make ideal party fare.  Hit us up on Twitter or tag us on Instagram. Bon appétit!

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