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When it comes to football, it’s important to pick your spreads wisely… when it comes to food that is! Typically, football fans chow down on greasy pub-grub and overload on meat for the big game – think chicken wings, pulled pork sandwiches and chili-topped nachos. But what about the veggies?! Okay, okay. We know you might not pass up the meat but we can help add a little balance to your game day eats. We took the challenge to come up with a pretty awesome game day menu that will still have you eating ‘pub’ inspired food, but in a much healthier way. Game on. 

CAESAR-JAN20.jpg                      TOSTADAS-JAN20.jpg
Kumato® Bloody Mary (or Caesar                     Campari® tostadas - super easy,   
for us Canucks!) The perfect                                super flavorful, and topped with 
amount of smoke and spice.                               feta. Yum!                                      


STUFFED_TOMS-JAN20.jpg                      PICO_DE_GALLO-JAN20.jpg
Spinach and artichoke stuffed                             Fresh Game Day Salsa
Campari®                                                                 Easy yet customizable. Leave your
Three ingredients. Gooey spinach                     guests cheering for more!
dip. It doesn't get much better than


JALAPENO-JAN20.jpg                      LAYERDIP-JAN20.jpg
Jalapeño Poppers- lots of flavor,                        Layered Dip- The more layers, the 
without all the extra carbs. Get                            better!

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