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Movember is a time to raise awareness for men’s health. It’s not just about one month though – promoting a healthy body and mind should happen day in and day out. As a husband, father of 4, man with a million jobs, and someone who travels a lot, it's important that my body and mind can carry out what it needs to when it needs to. A healthy lifestyle is a critical part of my day-to-day routine, although some days are better than others. Professionally, I find myself filming TV shows that have me eating all kinds of food over and over for the camera, testing and tasting recipes till they are right, and sometimes ending my days eating more calories than I would normally do… see what I go through for you?! So to keep my envious model worthy figure (ahem), and, most recently, to lose inches and pounds while gaining lean muscle mass, I do the following things:

  • Kickboxing twice a week – it’s high energy and helps clear your mind
  • Circuit weight training combined with powerlifting twice a week
  • Eating a lot of vegetables with every meal for vitamins, minerals and good digestive health – especially SUNSET® tomatoes ;)
  • Consuming moderate amounts of protein with most meals to help with muscle building and repair
  • Fuel up with carbs before and after workouts on heavy training days, which are 4 times a week. This helps heal muscles.
  • Offsetting heavy "work eating" days with heavier training and even more vegetables the days following
  • Drink tons of fluids throughout the day which is mostly water, green tea, veggie rich smoothies, water with lemon and honey, and the odd small coffee/espresso
  • Try to sleep more than 5 hours a night, with "try" being the key word here (Even though it’s recommended to get at least 7-8!)
  • Go to the doctor regularly. She makes sure I do all my key marker tests when I need to. She says on paper I'm in pretty stellar health. Yes!
  • Breathe mindfully throughout the day when I have a spare moment to do so in peace. I need to offset all that work and workout stress with some active resetting
  • Talk/Skype/FaceTime with my wife and kids as often as possible when I'm on the road
  • Laugh loudly and often
  • And most underrated, I only deal with, work with, and surround myself with people who I genuinely like.  Don't underestimate the value of this one for physical and mental health!

So, although I may not be growing out my moustache, you know that Movember and the importance of men’s health (both physical and mental) is on my mind 365 days a year. Plus I already have a pretty nice moustache! ;) 

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