Scary Good Halloween Eats!

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It’s the spine-chilling time of year when witches, wizards, ghost, ghouls and goblins venture out for sugary treats, and Halloween parties are in full swing. While it’s unrealistic to completely avoid candy during this spooky season, at SUNSET®, we have plenty of good and healthy alternatives for your Trick or Treaters to fill up on before they get their treats. So fire up the cauldron and prepare to wow your family, friends and party guests with these amazing snacks and party bites! Fangs not included.

SUNSET® Veggie Fritter-Cakes with Spicy Fresh Romana Tomato Sauce 


Party guests will love these veggie fritters! Make this dish as the perfect side or a colorful appetizer that can be topped with sour cream and a black olive for a spooky eyeball effect.

SUNSET® Zima® & Black Bean Quesadillas 


What better way to show that Halloween spirit than by displaying the holiday colors in a delicious entrée? Channel your inner Dr. Frankenstein by combining Zima® tomatoes with several tasty ingredients for a monstrously delicious appetizer. IT’S ALIVE! With flavor. 

Mini Cucumber Pogos


Give your guests something to crunch on while they're doing the Monster Mash and the Time Warp. This flavor packed vegetarian snack is easy to eat, a total treat, and it's also a delicious mummy-wrapped appetizer! 

Blistered Shazam!™ Shishito Peppers and Chili Lime Soy Sauce


Our Shazam!™ Shishito Peppers bring a trick to this treat, roughly one in ten Shishito peppers will be spicy!

One Sweet Bacon® Bites

OneSweetBaconBites-HI RES

Bite down into these fun little appetizers for a flavor-packed experience. They are simply fang-tastic!

There you have it! Five tasty treats that are sure to be a hit this Halloween season. Don’t be afraid to be theatrical with your creations and tag us, @SUNSETGrown, in your spooky recipe remakes. Happy Halloween!

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