Show Your Lunch Box A Little Love


Now that school is in full swing you are probably getting the new routine down- including school lunches. While we will be the first to admit there are tried and true lunchbox classics, we challenge you to spice up your lunchbox game this week (and get resounding  “A+” from you kids) with a few of these star lunch recipes.

SUNSET® Zima® Wraps

We love the simplicity of the good-old PB&J, but it can also be an uninspiring lunchbox addition. Full of brain boosting veggies, like our sunny Zima® tomatoes, these wraps are full of flavor and nutrients. By cutting the veggies ahead of time, even your younger kids can assemble them for themselves - making it easy for everyone to wrap and roll out of the house.  #Momhack use these wraps as a grab-and-go snacking option perfect for car rides and after-school activities!


Zima® and Broccoli Salad

Looking for an easy to prep, colorful and protein-packed lunch option?  Broccoli and chicken team up in this energy-packed salad! Perfect as a side dish for packed lunches, this salad sure to keep your kids feeling full till the last bell.  If you want to completely switch up your lunch game, ditch the traditional sandwich main and make this salad the star of the show! #Protip make a large batch at the start of the week and you’ll have lunch taken care of for the whole week.


One Sweet® Cuban Sandwich

Teenagers can be hard to impress, but this loaded sandwich will earn you a gold star. All the ingredients can easily be prepped on Sunday for quick assembly throughout the week- but be sure to hide some for yourself because they will disappear fast!


Pulled Chicken “Bento” with One Sweet® Tomato Black Bean Salsa

Do you have a picky eater on your hands? Well we’ve never met anyone who can say no to #TacoTuesday! Our One Sweet® Tomato Black Bean Salsa is the perfect way to get little ones to indulge in their veggies and using rotisserie chicken means this box can be put together in a snap.  Your kids will love constructing and eating their taco creations during lunchtime!


Cucumber Wrapped Veggie “Sushi” with Radish Sticks

Add a fun twist on veggies thanks to our Cucumber Wrapped Veggie “Sushi” with Radish Sticks.  This lunchtime companion is filled with lots of flavor and almost every color in the rainbow!  Your kids will love the fun presentation of this recipe and you’ll love all the veggies they get! 


We hope that these recipes help spice up your lunch box game and become new flavor favorites for your whole family! Tell us your favorite lunchbox ideas in the comments, and while you’re at it make sure to keep up to date with all our #SunsetSnacktToSchool inspiration on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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