Snack, Study, Repeat


Hey collegiate flavor lovers! Back-to school snacking means more than instant noodles and bologna sandwiches – you’ve moved past the basics (even though your love for instant noodles lives on) and have graduated to a higher level (see what we did there) – of taste!

So to satisfy your sophisticated college palate, we’ve put together a few elevated, flavorful dishes you can throw together at your dorm, share with your study groups, and enjoy on or off campus!

In a snacking slump? How about a quick caprese salad with balsamic drizzle? Simplify our ONE SWEET® Tomato Caprese Cocktail by portioning out ONE SWEET® Tomatoes, mini mozzarella balls, and basil leaves with a side of balsamic glaze – swanky!

Looking for a hearty salad that’s ready when you get up, and won’t spill as you sprint to your Poli-Sci class? Pack your favorite salads the night before in mason jars! Yep – that’s still a thing AND they’re super affordable! We like dividing up our Kumato® Cobb Salad – the perfect balance of protein and flavor. And on pledge day, rush, or bust, go Greek with our Glorious Greek Salad!

Then when you’re seriously limited on time remember that fresh veggies, and dip are the perfect default snack food. Sure, we know you’ve been eating veggies and dip since elementary school, but fresh and delicious never goes out of style!


Do you have a favorite SUNSET® snack? Let us know in the comments and you could win a $50 gift card to help stock your dorm fridge!

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