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a plate of Lima Zima Ceviche

Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince are not the only group to have dedicated a song to it. Many of our collective memories are dripping with sunshine and patios. Rain boots are tossed as the anticipation builds and finally it arrives – SUMMER!

As we shed that unnecessary layer of clothes, something happens... we transform like sluggish bears out of hibernation into energized youthful cubs. It is only right that we transform our habits – including our eating ones.

Light and healthy meals can also be meals bounding with flavor. Personally, I find myself craving fresh produce as the temperature rises; more herbs, peppers, corn, greens, tomatoes, and an array of fruits. Lighter proteins like fish, seafood, and poultry seem to find a way of creeping onto the family plate with more frequency somehow. Grilling takes center stage and any opportunity to cook and eat outdoors reminds us of how blessed we are to just be alive and basking in its glory.

So I am happy to share one of my new favorite recipes, Scallop Ceviche, inspired by one of my most memorable adventures to Peru. Ceviche is cause for both love and war in Lima, and every local has their favorite Ceviche restaurant. This recipe is so simple you won't even need to turn on your oven but the flavors are dynamic and bold. When cooking simply it is even more important to use the best ingredients available and we know that Sunset has that on lock down.


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