Supporting an Amazing Cause through Pink Ribbon


Notice anything about our Campari® tomato packs lately? With October marking Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I am proud to share that SUNSET® is once again supporting the Pink Ribbon Program. We've given Campari®, the tomato lover's tomato, a little pink facelift to show our support and help bring awareness to support research and education.


So many of us have been affected by breast cancer in some way, so this is a cause that's very close to the SUNSET® family. In the time we've been working with Pink Ribbon Produce, we've donated over $100,000 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation!

As a produce company, we've always been dedicated to teaching families about proper nutrition and healthy lifestyles. By partnering with Pink Ribbon Produce, we have the opportunity to educate in stores and online that healthy habits can help reduce the risk of disease. 

Making a Positive Change in 5 Easy Steps

How can you start changing your lifestyle for the better? Start with simple, small steps:

  • Drink lots of water Once you get in this habit, it's amazing how different you'll feel. Less hungry, less groggy, and no more dry eyes or skin are a few benefits I instantly notice. If you're tired of chugging, munch on a few mini cucumbers, they're super hydrating and refreshing.
  • 20-20-20 Rule Speaking of dry eyes... I find working in front of a computer screen all day can be pretty straining. Every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Give those peepers a break!
  • Afternoon Stretch My coworkers and I often get up together for a little afternoon stretch. It's the perfect little break and a good way to touch base after being in the zone.
  • Simple Swaps air-popped popcorn for chips, mushed avocado for butter, sparkling water for pop... Simple switches will have you feeling so much better! When I get that afternoon sugar craving, I pop a few ONE SWEET® cherry tomatoes to satisfy my sweet tooth.
  • Know Thyself! Become familiar with your body so you can be more perceptive to change, like dehydration or stopping a cold in its tracks. And of course, while we're on the topic, give yourself an at-home breast exam once a month. Be sure to track any big changes you notice, and visit your doctor regularly.

Have any tips of your own for staying healthy? Let us know in the comments below!

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