The 12 Days of Flavor Sweepstakes


As the winter holidays approach and office talk turns to upcoming travels, my standard itinerary remains the same year after year.  I’ll be packing my grocery bags for a several weeks-long trip to my [or Mom’s or Nonna’s] kitchen! Sure, it might not be a lavish ski resort or Rockefeller Center, but what this destination lacks in “chic” is more than made up for in “cozy” and “comfortable”.

See, it’s within these four walls that the REAL holiday magic happens for our family (sorry, Santa).  Nonna’s recipes, my parents’ stories and our collective traditions – not to mention a few absolutely essential kitchen gadgets and, of course, the freshest ingredients – are combined to deliver gifts that keep on giving!  The time we spend, elbow-to-elbow, preparing our favorite foods and then sharing and savoring them together is what we treasure most. 

While we may not be able to include each and every one of you in our kitchen festivities, we certainly want to celebrate the holidays with all our friends by giving you a chance to win some of those culinary tools that we just can’t live without (plus, some fitness gear to start your New Year off right)!  Starting December 11, 2016, we’ll be unveiling one prize daily via Facebook Live for a total of 12 chances to win, and just in time for Christmas! Enter our #12DaysofFlavor Sweepstakes today and stay tuned for prize and winner announcements.  Happiest of holidays and best of luck!

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