The Greatness of Grilling

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Personally I grill year round, I host a show called Man Fire Food on Cooking Channel that is all about cooking anything imaginable over an open flame. We've cooked everything from whole cows over a fire pit to mussels with pine needles on a table top and it really never gets old.

Aside from our prehistoric affinity for fire, cooking with live flame adds another layer of flavor that most sane humans only reserve for months that don't have snow or rain, I’m not sane but that's another topic. The variety of woods change with regional availability and each region claims to have the best wood for cooking. In the southern states of America they favor post oak, live oak, hickory and pecan. In other regions it's all about pine with that natural sap for accelerant or mesquite for its’ clean, hot burn and deep smoky flavor. In Jamaica the best Jerk spots use green Pimento wood, the green means it is freshly cut and still holding all its moisture so the food steams as the water and sap evaporates as it is heated, infusing the food with that distinct Pimento flavor along with the smoke.

roasted peppers and tomatoesCooking with fire is not reserved for carnivores. Veggies cooked on the grill bring their flavors to life in a new way, that little bit of char and smoke adds texture as well as accentuates the natural greatness intrinsic to all veggies. Great vegetables, a little bit of oil, salt and pepper are all you need to get cooking on your barbecue – whether gas or charcoal. Simplicity is (moo)-King but it always starts with quality. You cant, and shouldn't, hide quality.

You may become so addicted to the greatness of grilling that you do it with a winter jacket on like me, if you aren't already there.

Man Fire Food Season 4 Premiere – Tuesday, July 14 at 8pm ET

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