Tomato Spotlight: Wild Wonders®

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In our final week of the Great To-MAY-to Giveaway, we’re exploring the elusive Wild Wonders®! Where do they come from? How are they selected? Read on to find out!At SUNSET®, we pride ourselves on many things; flavor, sustainability, and packaging, for example. But how do we develop such unique and flavorful products? Our incredible focus on research and development. We have a comprehensive research greenhouse facility in which we trial hundreds of different tomatoes from all over the world. Who even knew there were that many tomato varieties?!

Here, we test tomatoes for factors like plant yield, consistency, and of course, flavor. It may take years to find The One, but that’s just fine by us. It’s this kind of diligence and persistence that brought you tomatoes like Campari® and Angel Sweet®, after all. So, what happens to all those unique tomatoes? This is what makes Wild Wonders® so wondrous. We include some familiar flavors, and some unique, so no two packs are ever identical. This guarantees a uniquely flavorful experience every time!  


 So, what to do with all that flavor? We love to show off the unique colors of Wild Wonders® in salads and pastas. Or, be adventurous and pickle them for a tempting charcuterie platter when company’s coming.

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 Whatever the occasion, Wild Wonders® tomatoes bring the flavor!

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