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by SUNSET | June 2018

You’ve heard of Earth Day, but have you heard of World Environment Day? Either way, June 5 is the perfect day to share some important facts and thoughts with you. At SUNSET, we strive to provide flavorful products for your family to enjoy that you can feel good about eating. From growing and packaging to distribution to your local store, we are committed to sustainability every step of the way.

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by SUNSET | March 2018

As pioneers of North American greenhouse growing, we’ve become pros at what we do. It’s pretty amazing to think of everything that goes into growing a tomato, or any piece of fruit for that matter. One of my favorite questions is, “so, what exactly is greenhouse growing?” It’s not a silly question either. You deserve to know where your food comes from! So without further ado, here is what goes in to growing beautiful, flavorful, greenhouse produce.

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by SUNSET | April 2017

Here at SUNSET®, through The Green Grass Project and our packaging program, we are committed to making the environment a better place every day. For instance, in 2014, we introduced our new top seal Eco Flavor Bowls which are made from recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. These are just a couple examples of sustainable changes we are implementing, and we want to also help you make valuable lifestyle choices that will help preserve our plant. You will be surprised at how just a few changes will make a huge difference!

1. Start Small

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by SUNSET | March 2017

Many times, finding an insect in your house is typically followed by a shriek, and mild pandemonium until the insurgent has been retracted. But in our greenhouses, we’re actually quite delighted to see our little insect friends! See, they play an important role in making sure our plants thrive and produce tasty fruit. They also protect our crops from other harmful insects, which is what we use instead of pesticides. Check out some fun facts about our two all-stars, the bumblebee and ladybug - you’ll never look at them the same again!

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by SUNSET | April 2016

It seems like there is a day for everything this year—a national day for your dog or your siblings. A national day to eat pancakes (and no coincidence here that it is also the national day for donuts), but let's talk about one that is very important here at SUNSET®. We're talkin' EARTH DAY. In fact, shouldn’t Earth Day be every day? I mean, it's our planet we need to protect and all. We also wish we could eat donuts everyday, but some things just aren’t as realistic. EARTH DAY is.

Here are 5 tips to get more green this year.

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