Treat Yourself: Breakfast Edition


While cereal and smoothies are a practical solution for weekday breakfasts, we recommend enjoying hearty, flavor-packed meals on those mornings when you actually have time to treat yourself to a Chef Inspired masterpiece!

Warm and crunchy sautéed potatoes and a flavorful rainbow of Wild Wonders® unite in this elevated Wonderful Hash from Culinary Director Roger Mooking. Whether served on its own or paired with eggs and bacon, you’ll feel fully satisfied and ready to conquer the weekend!


Feeling spicy? Our Eggs in Hell (AKA Shakshuka) brings the heat with a delightfully hot tomato base. Eggs are poached in a spicy Campari® sauce, making for a perfect marriage of rich tomato flavor, firm whites, and velvety yolks. And don’t worry about silverware -- grilled crusty bread is the recommended vessel for this egg-cellent, tomatoey inferno of flavor!


Regardless of your usual morning routine, these meals are guaranteed to get you out of bed and flavored up for the day!

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