Warm and Cozy Comfort Foods


During the cold winter months of January and February, there is maybe nothing more comforting than a hot cup of cocoa and a fragrantly warm meal cooking in the kitchen.  While temperatures continue to drop this side of the equator, we’re warming things up with these tried and true comfort food favorites from our kitchen to yours. 

Mizano® Master Sauce

This recommendation is almost too easy…which is nice because you can get back to your warm blanket-cocoon quicker.  This flavor-filled sauce can be paired with SO MANY THINGS from veggie noodles to your favorite pasta that it’s hard to pass up.  Make this tonight and you’ll be set for a couple of days of hibernation. 

Vegetarian Kumato® and Eggplant Lasagna

Love hearty and delicious lasagna but trying to stay dedicated to your healthy New Year goals?  This spin on mouth-watering veggie filled lasagna is perfect for #MeatlessMonday or #PleaseGiveMeSomethingHealthyButStillTastyTuesday. You can enjoy some delicious comfort food without the comfort calories (stay strong!). 

SUNSET® Vegetarian Kumato® and Eggplant Lasagna Recipe

Sweet Twister™ Mac n Cheese

After being healthy for (most of) January you deserve an  indulgent splurge, while you’re cozied up on the couch. Good news because we’ve got you covered!  This spin on mac n cheese takes simple ingredients and turns them into an ooey gooey flavor packed main dish or impressive side for hungry comfort seekers.

SUNSET® Sweet Twister™ Mac n Cheese Recipe

Stay warm out there flavor-lovers and tell us how you’re cozying things up in the kitchen this winter!

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