Top Things of 2015 We're Thankful For


With the holidays upon us, we got together to reflect on the past year and some of the things we're thankful for. Like you know, avocado, eggs, curry. Things foodies can't live without. It's the simple pleasures in life that bring us so much delicious joy. 

Check it out below! And while you're here, know that we're incredibly thankful for you!


One experience you had this year that you’re thankful for: I went on an amazing trip to Panama with two of my friends this year. We only booked a flight, and winged the rest of the trip- we ended up island hopping all week long.

One food item that you’re thankful you discovered: Avocado. Specifically, the beauty of avocado toast, either spread under an over easy egg or ricotta cheese, and of course, loaded with hot sauce. Perfect for breakfast, lunch…or just whenever. Also, pickled eggplant (the spicier the better) will change your life. Or at least your sandwich.

Best kitchen advice you’ve received: Don’t be cheap when it comes to utensils! Invest in good quality tools and knives. They’ll take you far!

Favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner: It’s a serious toss up between baking desserts for my family (I make a mean cheesecake) and that cozy post-meal tryptophan-induced nap.


One experience you had this year that you’re thankful for: On January 4th my parents, uncle, and cousin helped move me in the 550 square feet I call home. I am not only thankful for the extra hands and décor expertise, but also their help with the transition into a new city and chapter of life!

One food item that you’re thankful you discovered: EGGS. Of course they have always been around, but I used to only eat cereal or oatmeal for breakfast. Depending on the way cereal is prepared, this meal is usually high in carbs and low in protein and good fats.  Naturally I would be starving by mid-morning! Now,  I eat eggs, tomatoes, and veggies every morning. The protein and healthy yolk keep me full and satisfied.

Best kitchen advice you’ve received: KEEP IT CLEAN! My mother used to be on my case when cooking in her kitchen. Mainly because she would find my fingerprints all over her beautiful white cabinets . ‘Messy cook’ she would call me. She taught me to clean up as I go to minimize the dirty aftermath.

Favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner:I love making meat sweet (more on this in DIY Kumato Ketchup & Jam), so naturally my favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal is dunking my turkey in cranberry sauce.


One experience you had this year that you’re thankful for? Getting married!

One food item that you’re thankful you’ve discovered? Curry. This was something I never really discovered until just a few years ago and I’ve fallen in love with it, particularly in Thai dishes. It opened up my mind to try other exotic foods, most recently tripe and chicken feet, and motivated me to learn how to make globally inspired dishes at home.

Best kitchen advice you’ve received? My mother always tries new recipes and meals that are out of her comfort zone. She’s even mastered paella even though she hates seafood and spicy dishes. She taught me that half the fun of cooking is trying new ingredients and flavor combinations and seeing the reactions on people’s faces when they try it.

Favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner? Working in the kitchen with my mom and sisters to tackle making the big meal together. When it comes to the food, stuffing for sure!

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