Your Go-To Guide to Building the Best Grain Bowl


 Grain bowls have become my favorite way to have a quick and nutritious meal. With so many options of chewy grains, flavorful veggies, and satisfying proteins it is the perfect way to get your delicious (and balanced) dose of fiber and greens. 

I have made it a habit of mixing whatever is in my refrigerator and pantry for a quick meal. Granted, I have made some unsuccessful combinations (apple and refried beans... seriously), so to save you time, I have created this handy guide for you to create your very own delicious grain bowl.

Our Go-To Grain Bowl Guide is easy to use- simply choose your ingredients from the list and pile it together in a bowl. Print out a copy and put on the fridge for inspiration!Blog-Chart-Final.jpg

If time is not on your side this week, all of these ingredients are easy to prep beforehand. Simply purchase the ingredients needed from the chart, prep the grains and protein at the beginning of the week and divide them into ready-to-eat servings. This saves valuable time during the week and ensures that you are getting a balanced mix of nutrients. Need a bowl on the go? it is just as easy to pack up your creation in a mason jar or sealed container to have ready to take to work or school.

 And for inspiration, here are a couple of my favorite combinations that are tried, tested and true!


Michigan Bowl

Wheat berries
Chicken breast
SUNSET® mini cucumbers
Roasted Brussels sprouts
Red cabbage
Pumpkin seeds
Dried cherries
Splash of olive oil & squeeze of fresh lemon

Aptly named for the local ingredients (hello, Michigan cherries!) , this bowl has a sweet and tart finish. Serve warm or cold - I recommend warm during these harsh Michigan winters!


Thai Bowl

Rice noodles
Sautéed tofu
SUNSET® red bell pepper
Roasted SUNSET® baby eggplant
Dried seaweed
Fresh cilantro
Splash of sesame oil and rice vinegar

A vegetarian favorite, this is so filling and so tasty, with a roasted flavor from the dressing. 


 Southwest Bowl

Black beans
SUNSET® Wild Wonders® tomatoes
Fresh cilantro
A few spoonfuls of salsa

These vibrant colors and crunchy textures will leave you feeling satisfied all day long.


Mediterranean Jar

Israeli couscous
Fresh mozzarella
SUNSET® mini cucumber
Campari® tomatoes
Roasted SUNSET® baby eggplant
Fresh basil
Splash of olive oil and balsamic vinegar

It doesn't get much fresher than this! Paired perfectly with a bed of chewy Israeli couscous.

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