Your Gourmet Guide to a 5-course Meal


I am a big, big fan of dinner parties. Any kind of social gathering around food and I'm definitely in. But if you're anything like me, you tend to migrate toward the same go-to, no-fail recipes that may or may not get a little old. Or, if you're new to the dinner party hosting thing, you may not know exactly how to build a menu from start to finish. Behold! This beautiful downloadable menu contains everything you need to plan a seriously fantastic 5-course meal, with recipes courtesy of Broma Bakery. That's right, two appetizers, soup, salad, an incredible entrée, and of course, a mouthwatering dessert.


Whether you're hosting Easter for the first time, having a girls night in, or trying to impress the in-laws, this is what you NEED! Bonus: we even included a wine-pairing. You're welcome!


To download this lifesaver/bible/easy-to-follow menu, simply click HERE. Don't forget to let us know how it goes!


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